Prof Agnieszka Bartłomiejczyk is the laureate of TECHNETIUM program | Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics at the Gdańsk University of Technology

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Date added: 2023-03-16

Prof Agnieszka Bartłomiejczyk is the laureate of TECHNETIUM program

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The project "From theory to applications in mathematical modelling", which will be carried out under the supervision of prof. Agnieszka Bartłomiejczyk from the Institute of Applied Mathematics, received funding under the Technetium Talent Management Grants program - a program whose idea is to support academic teachers who take care of particularly gifted students.

The main objective of the project "From Theory to Applications in Mathematical Modeling" is to activate members of the NKM (math students science organisation) in research activities in accordance with the subject of the BioTechMed Centre. The subject of the expected research work in the project is quite broad due to the diverse interests of NKM members and the participation of ambitious first-year students in the project. On the one hand, mathematical theory provides a wide range of modeling tools, and on the other hand, different areas of the natural sciences pose challenging challenges for mathematicians. The project provides for the dissemination of the results of research work by delivering papers and presentations in the form of posters at both student and scientific conferences.