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Date added: 2022-03-18

Golden integrals awarded

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On On March 16, the annual π Day celebrations took place, during which, as every year, students from the Faculty Students' Council of the FTiMS awarded the employees and students of the Faculty for their commitment to teaching.

Below is a list of the nominees and winners of the Golden Integrals:

1) Master of Maths - For a teacher who stands out from others with a special mastery of the use and transfer of mathematical knowledge:

• Maciej Demianowicz, Ph.D. Eng
• Prof Marek Izydorek
• Jakub Maksymiuk, Ph.D. Eng.
• Joanna Cyman, Ph.D

Joanna Cyman became the Master of Mathematics

2) Master of Physics - For a teacher who excels in the field of mastering and presenting knowledge in the field of physics to others

• Patrycja Stefańska-Ptaszek, Ph.d. Eng.
• Daniel Pelczarski, Ph.D. Eng.
• Ewa Erdmann, Ph.D. Eng.
• Tadeusz Miruszewski, Ph.D. Eng.

The Golden Integral in the Master of Physics category was awarded to Patrycja Stefańska, PhD. Eng

3) Best Speaker - For a teacher with above-average oratorical skills

• Marek Chmielewski, PhD. Eng
• Andrzej Lisak, Ph.D., D.Sc.
• Prof Tomasz Klimczuk
• Marcin Styborski, PhD. Eng

The best speaker of the Faculty was Dr. Marcin Styborski

4) The face of the Faculty - For a teacher of impeccable and representative appearance

• Marcin Styborski, PhD. Eng
• Karolina Górnicka, PhD. Eng
• Jakub Ciesielski, M.Sc
• Brygida Mielewska, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.

The golden integral in the faculty face category went to M.Sc. Jakub Ciesielski

5) A ray of the Faculty - For a person who makes life at the Faculty easier with his serenity

• Julia Wojanowska, MA
• Urszula Goławska, MSc. Eng.
• Agnieszka Bartłomiejczyk, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.
• Robert Krawczyk, PhD. Eng

The promotion of the Faculty was Robert Krawczyk, PhD. Eng

6) Grom of the Faculty - For a person who inspires respect among students with his seriousness and determination

• Agnieszka Witkowska, Ph.D. D.Sc. Eng.
• ProfTomasz Szarek
• Karol Wroński, PhD. Eng
• Karol Dziedziul, Ph.D. D.Sc, Assoc. Prof.

According to the students, the greatest respect is aroused by Dr. Karol Wroński

7) Faculty calligrapher - For a teacher who has shaped letters and learning from her / his notes is a pleasure

• Prof Bogusław Kusz
• Waldemar Stampor, Ph.D. D.Sc. Eng.
• Tomasz Gzella, M.Sc.
• Katarzyna Tessmer, M.Sc.

The winner in the Faculty Calligrapher category was Katarzyna Tessmer, MSc

8) Medal Student - For a student who stands out with student solidarity and is always willing to help.

• Paweł Stankiewicz
• Dawid Ptach
• Kamil Kozakiewicz
• Sylwia Sulkowska
• Marek Jendernalik

Dawid Ptach, a third-year student of mathematics, became a student of the medal.

After the gala, two students of Nanotechnology gave a very interesting lecture, and then FTIMSaliada took place, where the team of Students and the Faculty's staff answered the difficult questions.

Congratulations to all the nominees for the Golden Integrations, and special congratulations to the winners.

Special thanks also go to the students from the WRS for preparing this fantastic event.