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INiIM laboratories, located mainly in the Nanotechnology Centre A, are focused on the design and synthesis of new materials as well as on the investigation of their properties. The manufacturing techniques used are based on traditional high-temperature methods used in the manufacture of glasses and ceramics – melting and solid phase synthesis as well as on the PVD and CVD techniques applicable for thin-film materials. Bulk materials and thin layers are also produced using the zol-gel method. These materials are manufactured and modified in order to obtain desired nanostructures. Laboratory equipment enables obtaining full characteristics of the tested materials including electrical, thermal, magnetic, transport and mechanical properties. The structure and morphology of the test materials is determined using x-ray diffractometry (XRD) and optical and scanning microscopy (SEM and SPM). Materials are also characterized using spectroscopic methods (FTiR, UV-VIS, XPS). Impedance spectroscopy (IS) and advanced systems for measuring DC conductivity over a wide temperature range are used to determine the electrical properties of materials. It is also possible to measure thermoelectric properties. An advanced open-architecture PPMS (Quantum-Design) system enables advanced measurements of electrical, magnetic and thermal properties down to liquid helium temperatures.


Laboratory Name Room Person in Charge of the Lab
High Temperature Synthesis Laboratory 0/01 PhD, Eng.  Zuzanna Poleska-Muchlado
Materials Synthesis Laboratory 0/02 PhD, Eng.  Zuzanna Poleska-Muchlado
Synthesis and Electrical Properties Measurements Laboratory     0/03 PhD, Eng. Tadeusz Miruszewski
Chemical Synthesis Laboratory 0/04 PhD, Eng.  Zuzanna Poleska-Muchlado
Nanomaterials Synthesis Laboratory 0/05 Prof. Barbara Kościelska
Thermal Analysis Laboratory 0/06 Prof. Wojciech Sadowski
X-ray Diffractometry Laboratory 0/07-0/08 Prof. Maria Gazda
Electron Microscopy Laboratory 0/09 PhD, DSc, Eng. Jakub Karczewski, prof. Gdańsk Tech
New Materials Synthesis Laboratory 0/10 Prof. Tomasz Klimczuk
Clean Room Measurement Laboratory  0/11 PhD, DSc, Eng. Jacek Ryl, prof. Gdańsk Tech
ALD and Thin Layers Laboratory 0/12 PhD, Eng. Marcin Łapiński
Electrochemical Sources of Energy Laboratory 0/13

PhD, DSc, Eng. Beata Bochentyn, prof. Gdańsk Tech

Electrochemical Sources of Energy Laboratory 0/13A PhD, DSc, Eng. Beata Bochentyn, prof. Gdańsk Tech
Electrical Properties Measurement Laboratory 0/15 PhD, DSc, Eng. Ryszard J. Barczyński, prof. Gdańsk Tech
Crystalography and Materials Physics Laboratory 0/16-0/17 Prof. Maria Gazda
XPS and AFM/STM Laboratory 0/18 PhD, Eng. Marcin Łapiński
Advanced 3D Printing Laboratory 0/19

PhD, Eng. Marek Chmielewski, prof. Gdańsk Tech

PhD, DSc, Eng. Jacek Ryl, prof. Gdańsk Tech

AFM/SPM Microscopy Laboratory

0/20 PhD, DSc, Eng Jakub Karczewski, prof. Gdańsk Tech
Low Temperature Measurement Laboratory 0/21 Prof. Tomasz Klimczuk
High Temperature Synthesis Laboratory 0/22 Prof. Tomasz Klimczuk
Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory 0/23-0/24 PhD, Eng. Marek Chmielewski, prof. Gdańsk Tech