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Cooperation with the industry

Offer for industry:

- consulting, design, laboratory-scale production and testing of a variety of functional materials e.g. energy efficient, material saving, nanomaterials, special use materials working in a wide range of thermal and/or climatic conditions, materials with a variety of structures (crystals, ceramics, glass, thin coatings, nanometric layers, composites) and specialized training in this field,

- fuel cell materials, optically active materials, photovoltaic materials, magnetic materials, thermoelectric materials, superconducting materials, nanomaterials with specific electrical, dielectric, optical, magnetic, mechanical properties (e.g. strength, hardness, friction), catalytic (filters, absorbents), bioactive and antibacterial materials,
- modelling of materials with defined performance requirements, 
- structural analysis of the surface (smoothness, porosity, hydrophobicity, etc.), 
- analysis of the chemical and phase composition of materials including bulk and surface parameters,

- testing of various physical and chemical properties of materials and products, e.g. electrical conductivity, dielectric and thermal properties, stability of materials in a wide temperature range (up to 1700 °C) and working in various gaseous environments, shielding properties of materials (electromagnetic radiation),
- material testing using the latest microscopic techniques (optical, confocal, electron, tunnelling), structural (X-ray diffraction, tunnel microscopy and atomic forces), spectroscopic (photoelectron spectroscopy, infrared), thermal analysis,
- non-destructive testing of ferromagnetic materials (pipes, sheets, coatings, various industrial structures) – defectoscopy, assessment of the microstructure degradation degree, determination of the spatial stress.