History of the Department of Solid State Physics


Department of Solid State Physics (KFCS) at GUT was founded in 1983 under the name of 2nd Department of Physics. The first Head of Department was professor Olgierd Gzowski. In early 80., first research on electron transport mechanisms in oxide glasses as well as production of channel electron multipliers (CEM) was conducted.

OG MChyb
Prof. Olgierd Gzowski Prof. Mieczysław Chybicki

Since 1986 research has been focused on the sol-gel method of thin films, xerogels and aerogels synthesis in order to develop the technology of fused silica monoliths and protective coatings production.
At the same time, theoretical research on electron transport phenomena in thin films was carried out by Prof. Jarosław Rybicki. In 1989 Department of Technical Physics was closed down and all the staff moved to Department of Solid State Physics. As a result, the internal friction method, studied for many years in the Department of Technical Physics, became one of the main research topics in KFCS. Herein, in 1986 high-temperature supercoductivity was discovered and first work on high-temperature superconductors synthesis and their characterization using the internal friction method was performed in 1987 (Prof. B. Kusz). Since 1989 study of stress in ferromagnetic materials using Barkhausen noise was performed (D.Sc. B. Augustyniak).  

D.Sc. Bolesław Augustyniak


Since 2002, reasearch has been realised in four scientific groups: Physics of glass and gels (Prof. L. Murawski), High-temperature superconductors (Prof. W. Sadowski), Molecular Dynamics (PhD. J. Rybicki), Non-destructive defectoscopy (D.Sc.. B. Augustyniak). In 2006, Physics of glass and gel group started working on novel perovskite materials for SOFC construction. Their development led to the formation of new - 5th scientific group named Ceramic materials for SOFC (Prof. M. Gazda, Prof. B. Kusz). This research was focused on the development of novel anodic materials and niobate and ceria-based proton-conducting electrolytes (Prof. M. Gazda).

Prof. Wojciech Sadowski Prof. Leon Murawski

In the High-temperature superconductors group, new synthesis methods and transport properties of superconducting monocrystals and ceramics were studied and developed. Important results were obtained in characterization and synthesis of new superconducting compounds. (Prof. T. Klimczuk).