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Date added: 2024-05-09

ENHANCE summer school at TU Berlin (registration until 8 May)

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TU Berlin invites students to participate in summer school on “"Plotting Sustainability - ENHANCE summer school on power struggles in the city”, scheduled for 27 May and 1 July (online) and 15-19 July (on-campus in Berlin). Students are eligible for Erasmus+ scholarship.

In 2022, Gdańsk University of Technology joined ENHANCE Alliance - union of 10 European technical universities from Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Poland (apart from Gdańsk Tech, other Polish member university is Warsaw University of Technology) Members of the alliance form the so called European University. What does it mean for Gdańsk Tech students, doctoral students and staff? Among other things, the posibility to study, participate in an internship, summer and winter schools, training and other meetings at partner universities. Nearest event adressed to students is summer school organized by TU Berlin. 

About the summer school

This edition of summer school at TU Berlin focuses on sustainable development. The participants - students and PhD students from all over Europe will have the opportunity to discuss the relation between technology, science, individuals, society and democracy. Both, online and on-campus meetings, wiil be conducted in an interactive mode - little lecturing, a lot of team work in small and larger international groups. The participants will gain a better understanding of the interdependencies between the social, economic, political and ecological environment and thus have a greater impact on the processes in the modern world. 

Summer school described in form of #
#Power-Society-Nature #MergingArt&Science #InterventionalStudy #Democratization #Socio-economicTransformation


TU Berlin (one of the leading technical universities in Germany). 

  • Online course: Monday, 17 May and Monday, 1 July from 2:00 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • On-campus course (Berlin): 15-19 July from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Participation in both parts, online and on the campus, is mandatory in order to complete the summer school and obtain ECTS points. 

  • Online: Zoom platform* 
  • On-campus: TU Berlin 
    * online participation requires a camera and microphone - the course expects active participation in discussions 

Who can participate?

Students of bachelor and master degree studies, and PhD students, however up to 10 persons from Gdańsk University of Technology can obtain Erasmus+ scholarship. The organizers invite students and PhD students from different fields of study (not necessarily directly related to sustainable development) to participate. The summer school will be attended by people from universities associated with the ENHANCE Alliance, including NTNU (Norway), Chalmers University (Sweden), Tu Berlin and RWTH Aachen (Germany), TU Delft (Netherlands), Politecnico di Milano (Italy), UPV (Spain) and other universities from all over Europe. 

ECTS points

The summer school is credited with ECTS points (condition: participation in online and on-campus courses + large attendance). 


The courses, both online and on the campus, will be conducted in English. For most participants English will not be a native language (participants come from different European countries), therefore do not mind if your English level is not perfect. Having courage to speak English is enough 😉


Participation in the summer school is free of charge (no registration fee). The on-campus part in Berlin requres the participants to cover the cost of travel, accommodation and partially food. Students of Gdańsk University of Technology are eligible for Erasmus+ scholarship for this mobility. The scholarship amounts to 70 euro per day (5 days x 70 euro = 350 euro). Participants who decide to use green transportation to and from Berlin (train, bus, carpooling) are el;igible for additional funding.  

  • stage I: fill in this form - deadline until 8 May, 12:00 p.m.
  • stage II: analysis of forms by the faculties - from 8 to 9 May 
  • stage III: students who are qualified to participate in the event by the faculties will receive e-mail confirmation no later than 10 May and by 12 May will have to complete the form prepared by the event organizer, i.e. TU Berlin (a link to the form will be sent in the e-mail confirming participation). 


If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact International Relations Office via e-mail: justyna.sudakowska@pg.edu.pl and telephone:58 348 65 78


Students from Gdańsk University of Technology can participate in this event thanks to the membership of our university in ENHANCE Alliance. Visit our page to learn more pg.edu.pl/international. You can also contact us at enhance@pg.edu.pl