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Cooperation offer

The Institute of Physics and Applied Computer Science offers the possibility of introducing works and expert opinions on issues related to physical sciences, the application of mathematical and numerical methods in physics and technology, and applied computer science. In particular::

  • technology of thin-film photovoltaic cells
  • optoelectronics of elements using organic and inorganic nanomaterials
  • analytical measurement with the use of UV-VIS spectroscopy methods
  • research on photophysical properties of organic and hybrid materials
  • calculations of spatial and temporal distribution of electric charge carriers in semiconducting materials
  • measurements of quantities characterizing the collision of electrons with atoms and molecules
  • photodissotiation and photoionization of molecules
  • properties of molecular gases in the interaction with electrons
  • calculations of quantities characterizing the process of electrons and positrons interactions with matter
  • calculations of physicochemical quantities using ab initio quantum chemical methods
  • analysis of acoustic phenomena
  • designing of relational databases and creating websites
  • production of application, computing, simulating and data visualization software
  • preparation of courses and training for supporting educational processes in physics and computer science