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Date added: 2021-09-10

Research of Piotr Winiarz Ph.D. Eng. described in the IEEE Photonics Society Newsletter

In the July issue of the IEEE Photonics Society Newsletter in the section "This is my lab", where scientists from all over the world present their laboratories, an article about Piotr Winiarz Ph.D. Eng. and his research work was published.

Piotr Winiarz is an assistant professor at the Institute of Nanotechnology and Materials Sciences in the Department of Ceramics, headed by Prof. Maria Gazda. In the area of interest of Mr. Piotr there is proton conductivity, on which he focuses his scientific work. The materials that he studies are perovskites based on barium-zirconate cerate, rare earth niobians and high-entropy oxides. Currently, he is studying the effect of thermal deformations in perovskite thin films on proton conductivity. The aim of the research is to find optimal materials that can be used in fuel cells – devices that generate clean electricity. Fuel cell powered buses are already being produced worldwide, but scientists are still trying to increase their efficiency and efficiency of the fuel cells. As a result, the environmental pollution and emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere can be reduced.

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is an organization that currently brings together about 400,000 people professionally associated with electronics, electricity and related sciences. The Institute is mainly engaged in the publication of journals, organizing conferences, accrediting university education programs and developing industry standards. The IEEE Photonics Society Newsletter is a journal published bimonthly and is the main communication channel between the members of the Institute and their activities all around the world.

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