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Physics students have access to well-equipped laboratories during their studies, where they gradually become acquainted with increasingly complex physical experiments. Since 2013, students have been using modern laboratories of the Gdańsk Tech Nanotechnology Centre, equipped with modern educational and research equipment, such as AFM/STM educational microscopes, multifunctional AFM/STM microscope, scanning electron microscopes, optical microscope, confocal microscope, thin inorganic layer deposition devices, nanoindentometers, X-ray diffractometer, x-ray photoelectron spectrometer, IR spectrometer, DTA-DSC thermal analyzers with mass spectrometer and electromagnetic property investigation set working in the temperature range of 5-400K.

Diploma preparing students use specialized laboratories run by academic staff. Students of the Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics during their studies make use of the faculty computer laboratories, to which they also have access during non-working hours.