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International agreements

Programme member countries (UE + Turkey)
Partner countries 


- Expansion of the agreement with Universitat Rovira i Virgili (061/0541-ICTs information and communication technologies/mathematics)
- new agreement with McMaster University, Kanada (0533 Physics)
- new agreement with EGE University (0541- mathematics)
- new agreement with University of Crete (0533/0539 Physics/Nanotechnology, material sciences)
- new agreement with Universidade do Minho (0533-physics/071- Micro and Nanotechnology)
- new agreement with Duzce University (Physics, Mathematics, Materials, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering)
- new agreement with EGE University (0533-physics)
-new exchange agreement with INSA Rennes
-extension of the agreement withy TU Wien
- new agreement with Institut Supérieur de l’Electronique et du Numérique; Higher institute of electronics and digital technologies, TULON (Physics/Mathematics/Materials/Computer Science/Biomedical Engineering)
-new agreement with Universidad de Sevilla (0548 : Science, Mathematics and Computing)
-new agreement with Universidad de Sevilla (0533 : Physics/ 0722 : Materials)
-new agreement with Università degli Studi di Genova (0722 : Materials)
-new agreement with Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz (053-physical sciences: studies+internship)

Registration conditions for partner universities:

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