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Division of Ceramics

Scientific research carried out at the Division of Ceramics includes the production, shaping and testing of electroceramic materials for electrochemical devices such as oxide fuel cells, electrolysers, sensors, etc.
Studied materials:   oxides with a perovskite structure (e.g. barium cerates-zirconates, strontium titanates-ferrites, cobaltites, high-entropy oxides), materials with a fluorite structure and these of fergusonite or shellite structure (rare earth niobates). The studied materials are ion- conducting ceramics (H +, O2-), electronic conducting ceramics  and ceramics with mixed ion-electronic conductivity.
Methods of synthesis and shaping: solid phase synthesis, co-precipitation methods, mechanosynthesis, synthesis in molten salt; we are currently developing the 3D printing technique for shaping gradient electrodes for electrochemical devices.
Research topics: studies of electrical properties by impedance spectroscopy and DC methods; structural research; studies of thermochemical properties, in particular, studies of oxidation and hydration of proton-conducting oxides.