1.    International students of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral exact and related sciences studies are entitled to apply to the program. Candidates should hold the student status during the recruitment and the implementation of a chosen summer school.
2.    Each student can apply to only one event within this project.
3.    Thanks to the external financing from NAWA, participation in our summer schools is free! 
4.    Fifteen non-Polish students taking part in the in-person classes will be awarded an additional scholarship of 2 000 PLN to cover travel, accommodation and other expenses related to participation in the project. Detailed information can be found in the
Financing section of each of the events.
5.    Candidate applications made upon
registration will be assessed by the Summer School Committee, consisting of organizers and, if necessary, teachers participating in the summer school. This committee will decide on the candidate’s admission and award of the scholarship in the case of in-person classes.
6.    The recruitment is based on the principle of equal opportunities and non-discrimination, regardless of gender, disability, ethnic group and country of origin. However, according to the regulations of the funding body, candidates with Russian citizenship are excluded from participation in this project. 
7.    Candidates admitted to the program will have to fill in and sign the following forms sent to them via email upon admission:


The_instructions (pdf, 1.12MB)

These documents have to be emailed to scienceapp.wftims @pg.edu.pl and sent via regular  mail to the Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics of Gdańsk University of Technology within the deadline specified in the notification email on the recruitment results.
8.    Online classes of the TopDynSystAction Summer School will be run on the
eNauczanie platform requiring registration. MSTeams, Zoom, and other platforms may also be used to support the learning process.
9. In-person classes will be held at Gdańsk University of Technology.
10. The number of participants taking part in the in-person classes of the TopDynSystAction Summer School is limited to 20. The total number of participants (on-line plus in-person) is limited to 50. 
11. Participants meeting the final assessment criteria set for the summer school will be awarded microcredentials - certificates describing learning outcomes, course contents, workload, and ECTS credits. These e-certificates will be sent to the e-mail addresses given upon registration. 
12. Resignation from the project requires submitting a written declaration. On such circumstances, application and participation in another summer school organized within the ScienceApp project is impossible.