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Meet the organizing committee of Multi-Scale Methods Summer School!

Dr. Jan Franz

is the chair of the summer school on multi-scale methods. In his research he likes to write computer programs and is interested in the application of scattering theory in astrochemistry, antimatter physics, nuclear fusion, medical physics and material sciences. 
He obtained his doctoral degree in Theoretical Chemistry from the University of Bonn. Dr. Franz has been researcher at the University of Heidelberg, Sapienza University of Rome, University College London and University of Gothenburg. He has a passion for teaching and spend two years as a science teacher at high-schools in Germany. Currently he is associate professor in physics at Gdańsk University of Technology.

Dr. Małgorzata Franz

is the vice-chair of the summer school on multi-scale methods. She is the Vice-Director for Education of the Institute of Physics and Applied Computer Science of our Faculty.
She is combining the duties of the scientist with educational and organizational activities. For her achievements in the latter two fields she has been granted a series of awards, including the Medal of the National Education Commission and Rectors awards. Dr. Małgorzata Franz is an active researcher interested in organic electronics and scattering theory. She has graduated from University of Gdańsk. Obtained her Doctoral Degree in Physics at our Faculty, were she continues her research. 

Organization of the summer school is supported by  dr. Justyna Szostak, head of the ScienceApp project. Dr. Szostak is the chair of the Rector’s Internationalization Committee of Gdańsk Tech, Dean’s Proxy for Internationalization, Erasmus+ Coordinator, Coordinator of the International Relations Office of the FAP&M, and an expert in the joint international multiple degree programs. She is a graduate of this Faculty, where she obtained the Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Physics.

 All three organizers are academic teachers at the Institute of Physics and Applied Computer Science of the FAP&M and members of the newly created scientific Division of Computational Chemical Physics.