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Date added: 2024-06-10

Short-term Erasmus+ mobility for students - apply today!

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Are you a student or a PhD student? Would you like to attend an international summer school or internship this summer? Take advantage of the Erasmus+ program.

Under the Erasmus+ program, students and PhD students from Gdańsk Tech can benefit from so-called short-term mobility.

Important information - funds from the current edition of the Erasmus+ program can only be allocated to trips that take place in June and/or July of this year. Therefore, those interested in going abroad should submit all required documents as soon as possible.

What are short-term mobilities?

These are mobilities lasting from 5 to 30 days (much shorter than "regular" Erasmus trips, which must last a minimum of 2 months). For students, such mobility must have a virtual component - for example, a student participates in a summer school at a foreign university. Part of the classes takes place on-site at the university, and part is conducted online before or after going abroad. For PhD students, this virtual component is not required.

What types of events can you attend?

For example, summer school, summer internships, courses, etc. Where to find offers for such summer schools? For example, on the website, where you can find many interesting offers. Offers for internships abroad can be found on the website

What funding can you receive for your trip?

For short-term mobility, the funding is EUR 70 per day. Students/PhD students can use these funds to cover travel, accommodation, meals, etc. (sometimes organizers of summer schools offer, for example, discounts in hotels or partial meals - this depends on the university).

Students/PhD students with special needs, i.e., those with a disability certificate or receiving a social scholarship, can apply for additional funding (EUR 100 for trips lasting 5 to 14 days and EUR 150 for trips lasting 15 to 30 days). All students/PhD students can also apply for extra funds if they choose to travel by so-called green means of transport, such as train, bus, or carpooling (about EUR 20 per day).

More information

You can read about what you need to do to get funding for your trip
here: if you want to attend a summer school/course
or here: if you want to go for a summer internship.

For additional questions, please contact the International Relations Office:
Justyna Ksionek: 58 347 17 80 
Maria Doerffer: 58 347 20 42