Award for the Best Gdansk Tech Student awarded to the student of FAP&M- Marta Marszewska! | Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics at the Gdańsk University of Technology

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Date added: 2021-10-13

Award for the Best Gdansk Tech Student awarded to the student of FAP&M- Marta Marszewska!

During this year's inauguration of the academic year, the award for the Best Student of Gdansk University of Technology was handed out to the student of FAP&M - Marta Marszewska!

Marta Marszewska, MSc is a second-degree student in the field of Mathematics, she also graduated with distinction in Biomedical Engineering, speciality of Medical Physics, at our Faculty. In addition, she works scientifically in a research group at the Department of Materials Engineering of Multidimensional Ionizing Radiation Detectors as part of the NAWA project, under the direction of Prof. Marek Maryański. She is engaged in the improvement of multidimensional gel dosimetry and the study of biological damage resulting from exposure to radiation, in order to better plan the treatment and verification of radiation therapy of cancer. As part of her research activity, she cooperates with scientific institutions in Poland and around the world e.g. Environmental Laboratory of Heavy Ions of the University of Warsaw, National Center for Nuclear Research and Helsinki University Hospital in Finland.

Marta is the author of the publication "BNCT as a promising method of fighting cancer" (in Polish) and co-author of the chapter "Investigation of energy deposition and its optical imaging in polymer gel dosimeters" in the monograph "Information technology in biomedical engineering" (in print). She has presented the results of her research at scientific conferences, earlier this year she won the competition for the best poster entitled Comparative analysis of polymer-gel phantoms simulating the tissue environment in radiotherapy during the VIII National Conference of Students of Medical Physics PHYSICS FOR MEDICS 2021.

She has been the vice-president of the inter-faculty Scientific Club BioPhoton for several years. She was a volunteer in events and scientific picnics promoting the university, such as the National Virtual Open Day of the Gdańsk University of Technology, the Baltic Science Festival, the Night of Museums at Gdansk Tech, she is also actively involved in social activities and charity campaigns. Privately, she is passionate about sports, board games and handicrafts.

In this year's edition of the Competition for the Red Rose Award, she will represent the Gdańsk University of Technology. 

 Congratulations and we keep our fingers crossed for further successes!!!