The Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics consists of seven Departments  which conduct research in numerous important areas of physics and mathematics.

Among others,  our physicists deal with research in theoretical physics, quantum computing, atomic physics, luminescence, materials physics, nanotechnology, molecular electronics, computer modeling and simulation, superconductivity, fuel cells, photovoltaic cells and renewable energetics.

In contrast, our mathematicians investigate problems for example in nonlinear analysis, statistics, differential equations, dynamical systems, probability theory, graph theory and biomathematics.

Detailed information on the research conducted by individual Departments can be found on their websites after clicking the links below.

No. Department
1 Department of Nonlinear Analysis and Statistics
2 Department of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
3 Department of Solid State Physics
4 Department of Theoretical Physics and Quantum Information
5 Department of Physics of Electronic Phenomena
6 Department of Probability and Biomathematics
7 Differential Equations and Mathematical Applications