Visiting Professor Sharafat Ali

Prof. Sharafat Ali is visiting the Gdansk University of Technology as a guest professor from 30th of April until 10th of May. The purpose of his visit is to support existing research and to plan collaborative activities between the two institutions in future.

Prof. Sharafat Ali is an Associate Professor in glass science and technology at the Department of Built Environment and Energy Technology, Linnæus University, Växjö, Sweden. Prof. Sharafat is a pioneer of the nitrogen rich oxynitride glasses and thin films. He has first-hand experience in the synthesis, characterization and properties evaluation of new materials. In 2016, Prof. Sharafat got the most distinguished Swedish grant Vinnova Marie Curie Academy Outgoing. In 2017, Prof. Sharafat won the Fulcher Award of Year from Corning Incorporated NY, USA.  From Jan 2017, he is on sabbatical at Corning Incorporated, NY, USA.

Linnæus University is a modern, international University in Småland, Sweden, inaugurated on January 1, 2010. Linnæus University is the 6th larger university in Sweden (number of students) and has over 30,000 students and 2,000 employees. Since May 2017, Dr. Natalia Wójcik, (Assistant at Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics in GUT) is currently working with Prof. Sharafat Ali, as a Postdoc researcher in Glass Group, Linnæus University. Their research interest covers the preparation and properties evaluation of bioactive and nitrogen rich glasses in different systems.