Didactic classes at Gdańsk University of Technology are suspended until 29 March

By the decision of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, from Thursday, 12 March till Wednesday, 25 March, teaching activities at Polish universities are suspended. In addition, the authorities of Gdańsk University of Technology decided to extend this period at our university until  Sunday, 29 March.


As part of the ministerial decision, classes at Polish universities supervised by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education were suspended: BSc and MSc cycle studies, uniform master's and doctoral studies, as well as doctoral schools and classes at courses and trainings organized as part of universities, post-graduate studies and other forms of teaching.

According to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the regulation is the effect of an increased risk of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and new cases of COVID-19 in Poland. The discussed activities are of a preventive nature, and are also aimed at preventing the spread of the virus and reducing the risk of epidemics.

New guidelines from the authorities of Gdańsk University of Technology

The authorities of Gdańsk University of Technology also referred to the regulation of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Following the special Decree of the GUT Rector, the preventive period of suspension of classes at our university will be extended compared to other universities in Poland and will last from Thursday, 12 March till Sunday, 29 March.

The decision of the ministry and the Decree of the GUT rector indicate that limiting the didactic activity at universities is not tantamount to closing them. The decisions made today relate to students and academic teachers and thus do not limit in any way the possibility of conducting scientific activity (also regards doctoral students), which is to be conducted as before. The regulation also does not concern administrative staff of each university.

The Decree of the GUT rector also specifies other activities on the university premises aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus (full content is available HERE:

1. It is recommended that lecturers make electronic materials available to students of Gdańsk University of Technology. However, they will have a consultative character, and the content will not be enforced during classes after the end of the preventive suspension period.

2. Students, post-graduate students and doctoral students are required to report electronically or by phone to the dean's office information about the deterioration of health and the occurrence of symptoms typical of the COVID-19 virus infection.

3. Accommodation of new people in student dormitories is suspended and external visitors are prohibited. Only people who live in the dormitories will be allowed into buildings.

4. The reading rooms of the GUT library are closed until further notice.

5. The Academic Sports Center is closed until further notice.

6. It is recommended to cancel the events, meetings, assemblies and conferences organized at the University planned for the coming weeks. The final decisions regarding all faculty events are made by the dean of the faculty (in consultation with the University authorities). The full list of the canceled events is updated in a separate publication, available HERE.

7. All foreign visits of employees and students are canceled. It is also recommended to suspend all domestic business trips.

8. All visits to the University of foreign guests are suspended, including employees of other universities, their students, doctoral students, as well as other persons invited by the University authorities, its employees, student government or doctoral students' self-government.

9. It is recommended that employees returning from abroad work for two weeks remotely, after prior arrangement with their immediate supervisor, who reports the above fact to the Personnel Department.

10. It is recommended to minimize the direct contacts of employees during the performance of work. Paper correspondence should be submitted to the General Chancellery and not directly to administrative units or secretariats. Letters containing confidential information, e.g. in personnel matters, should contain the sender's mark and should be marked with a red inscription "Personal data".

11. It is recommended to use e-mail correspondence and telephone instead of paper messages among employees, students and doctoral students.

12. During the suspension period, university employees still perform their official duties and carry out their tasks in consultation with their immediate supervisor.

All classes and recruitment procedures at Gdańsk University of Technology within the project ‘Politechnika Wielu Pokoleń’ have also been canceled. The participants will be notified by e-mail about the dates of the classes. Scheduled theses defenses - at least until 29 March - will also not take place.

Due to the dynamic development of the situation, we also recommend the following:

- read the news on the main website of Gdańsk University of Technology containing the latest university announcements regarding the coronavirus

- read the Chief Sanitary Inspector website and a dedicated government website: https://www.gov.pl/web/koronawirus