Technical Physics

Studies in the field of Technical Physics are full-time first- and second-degree studies to obtain an engineer's diploma and a master's of science, engineer diploma.

During the first two years the student has an opportunity to study such basic subjects as: mathematics and experimental physics with a program significantly broader that at other technical university faculties. Lectures on those subjects are supplemented with numerous laboratories, classes and seminars in physics and technology. At the same time all students will learn the possibilities of using computers in science and technology.

English and another foreign language are taught throughout the long period of studies.

Knowledge from the field of exact and engineering sciences passed to the students is supplemented by subjects in humanities, such as economy, philosophy, education, marketing or law.

After two years of pursuing a common program of studies, gradual individualization for each of the five following majors begins:

  1. Applied Physics
  2. Physics and Energy Conversion Engineering
  3. Applied Information Technology