Major: Nanomaterials and Functional Nanostructures

Nanotechnology is a proposal of a new major for students of Technical Physics. Nanotechnology itself is an emerging discipline of technology and science which deals with everything on a nanoscale, i.e. on the level of single atoms and molecules. The essence of nanotechnology is controlled production and application of materials and structures, devices and systems with nanometer dimensions. Everything shows that nanotechnology will be very successfully applied in may fields - including electronics (where molecular electronic systems will be the basic building material of future computers), electrical engineering, materials technologies (production and design of new materials with unusual properties such as, e.g., very light materials with high mechanical strength, non-flaking paints, non-staining fabrics, window panes, etc.), medicine (e.g. nano- and micro-sensors, mobile laboratories for immediate analyses, apparatus implanted in the body and monitoring the health condition). Nanomaterials, nanostructures will be certainly used in pharmaceutics for precise application to destroy single neoplastic cells or to protect other cells. Nanotechnology is not an abstract invention of mankind. Many structures appearing in live tissues and in cells are some kinds of nanostructures controlled at the level of single atoms or particles.

The courses in the first two academic years are the same for all Technical Physics students. They are aimed at building a solid foundation in mathematics, physics and information technology as well as consolidating and improving the knowledge of English.

Starting from the third year of studies more and more specialist subjects are introduced. These are mainly issues related but not limited to the physical basics of nanotechnology, technology of nanostructures, nanosensors and computational nanotechnology. In addition to lectures and seminars, students have also laboratories during which they learn nanostructure production methods and how to conduct structural research using tunnel microscopes and atomic forces.

The Nanotechnology major will be pursued in cooperation with and using the scientific research potential of the recently established "Pomorze" Advanced Technologies Centre.

The graduates will surely find employment in Poland and abroad, most of all in specialist industrial and research laboratories, in companies implementing innovative technologies and also in Science and Technology Parks.


NEW MSc in Nanotechnology - Nanostrustures and computer simulations in material science

contact: Agnieszka Witkowska Ph.D., D.Sc. Eng.,