The fields and majors of study offered to students correspond to the Faculty structure which is composed of the following five physical and three mathematical departments. Solid State Physics, Molecular Physics, Electron Phenomena Physics, Atomic and Luminescence Physics, Theoretical and Quantum Information Physics, Mathematical and Numerical Analysis, Differential Equations and Algebra.

The Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics at Gdańsk University of Technology employs 107 academic teachers, including 25 professors and DScs and 50 PhDs. Most of the Faculty staff members are engaged in scientific research and international liaison with renowned centres in Italy, Germany, UK, France, Canada and USA.

More information about admissions can be obtained at the Faculty Dean's Office from Ms Irena Datta (phone: (+48) 58 347 20 06) or the Secretary of the Faculty Admissions Committee, Mr Paweł Możejko, (phone: (+48) 58 347 29 21, e-mail: paw@pg.edu.pl).