Technical Physics
Major: Applied Information Technology

Studies in the major of Applied Information Technology at the Technical Physics Department are aimed at gaining knowledge and skills to use IT methods and tools based on a strong foundation in exact sciences.

At the beginning of the course of study students will acquire proficiency in computer skills and they will get to know universal software including word processors, spreadsheets and databases. Next, students will learn procedural and object-oriented programming languages (Fortran, C, C++, Java), computational methods, computer graphics, multimedia techniques, structures and administration of operating systems including building of distributed database structures, and also software engineering as well as concurrent and distributed programming.

The Faculty's close cooperation with the Academic Computer Centre in Gdańsk (TASK) will enable students to learn the design and rules of administration of local area networks (LAN) corporate and global wide area networks (WAN) and the structure of the World Wide Web. Access to supercomputers will make it possible to work and get familiar with selected, rich application software.

In the fourth year of study students will present and defend an interim team thesis in order to acquire skills in developing projects. After the fourth year students will serve their internships in companies operating in the computer and IT industry. The best students will be offered an opportunity of temporary employment in the TASK Computer Centre.

In later years of study it will be possible to get familiar with computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided design (CAD). A part of the course will be devoted to computer controlled measuring and control techniques.

The studies will make it be possible to develop individual skills to solve problems comprehensively from data collection and statistical data processing, through calculations and analysis using contemporary information technology, to control processes. The five-year studies end with a Master's Thesis.

Owing to high qualifications of the scientific and teaching staff, graduates from our Faculty will be prepared to work in different fields where IT is applied and everywhere where software design, development and implementation skills are required. By virtue of a comprehensive education received our graduates will meet the requirements related to the increasingly rapid technological progress and solving problems of the integrating Europe.