About the Faculty - Foucault Pendulum


Technical Data

Location: South Courtyard, Main Building, GUT
54° 22' 16.64'' 18° 37' 8.83''

Length: 26m
Weight: 64 kg
Period of oscillation: 10.2 s.
Change of the plane of oscillations by 360°:
29h and 26.7min.+/-1.5%

Maintaining the stimulation::
magnetic, close to the point of suspension.

Possibility of measuring the deviation of the plane of oscillations during one-hour observation: yes. 
January-March 2004: First talks and subject identification
March-August 2004: Designs, procurement, the making of the generator and the heart of the pendulum
September-October 2004: Tests on the 7-metre pendulum installed in Auditorium Maximum
November-December 2004: First suspension.
December 2004-January 2005: The pendulum was taken down due to the construction of the dome.
25 January 2005: The opening ceremony of the "Courtyards" and setting the Pendulum in motion (www.pg.gda.pl/aktualne/walesa/wahadlo/index1.html).

The pendulum was developed owing to very good cooperation of the whole team: 
Andrzej Sadowski - inspiration 
Maria Gazda - conceptual works
Barbara Kusz i Wiesław Czabański - table design
Eugeniusz Szamp i Marek Pater- making the heart of the Pendulum 
Czesław Jakonis, Witold Lizak i Bogdan Ruzik - construction and installation works
University Authorities - general support.

Bogusław Kusz


Pendulum [5,1mb, avi]
Pendulum [4,0mb, avi]
Pendulum [4,7mb, avi]
Assembling of Foucault Pendulum [40mb XviD]

Power Point Presentation: 
Foucault pendulum [2,2 mb]